"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet
"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet
"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet
"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet
"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet
"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet

"Water Lilies" II - Claude Monet

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Create your own stunning rendition of Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait. 

If you need a break from paint-by-number's, or are just looking for something new, fun, creative... and sparkly... then Diamond Paint Kits are for you! 

Each kit contains a pre-printed canvas, a batch of diamonds, diamond plate, glue, tweezers, diamond pen and easy to follow instructions. Just match the numbers to the colors and you're on your way to creating a masterpiece that sparkles like diamonds!

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